Meet the owners:

Meet Zakir Somani:

Grew up in a rural part of the country, where education was a luxury and making money even as a kid as young as 4 was a fair game. Bringing food on the table was more important. Unlike my friends, I was amongst the few lucky ones to get what little education and avoid the sweatshop factories or more politically correct “child labor camps My dad is my inspiration! Later with the help of family members, my family moved to Canada. It was dream come true. My first job was in family’s catering and food business. Since then I have always known food and Customer Service. I learned a great deal when I operated & owned a couple of global food brands franchises. Couldn’t ask for more when returning from my trip home I met this beautiful woman on the airplane. By the time we touched down, I knew she is the one I want to spend my entire life with. Yes! that was Love at first sight! Rest is a story…..

Meet Habibah:

She is a great cook and after she’s done your cooking she will remove the lid of the simmering pot and steal a spoon of gravy, call it tasting, call it love or call it compassion.

Our History:

Canadian pizza Plus (formerly Canadian Pizza delight) has been in business since 1984. In May of 2013, it changed hands and once again became a small family run operation, as has been in the past. Since then this place has transformed from a typical corner pizzeria to a more like a community focused business partnering with local schools, boys, and girls club and in one of its kind – After School Gardening Club run by Sprouting Chef. A project geared to create a sustainable living & thriving program that truly connects and engages the students and community members. Kids as young as 5-year-old. They sweat, they get their hands dirty, but they are proud to see that tomato or salad that they helped grow! Depending on the availability, we acquire these organically grown veggies and oregano and use it in our kitchen to make delicious pizzas, salads and of course awesome Indian Curries! In return, a 10% from the sales goes to funding the garden program directly. A truly win-win for all! Canadian pizza Plus is committed to making Forest Grove Elementary’s school garden club a success and together as a community, we can do this. We live, work and school in the community, and give back to the community. Please support our cause and spread the word, so we may start a similar program in other communities. We are open to suggestions and do leave us a feedback at [email protected]

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