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I've lived in this area for 15 years. Canadian Pizza Plus has always been our "go to" for pizza + Indian food. Have to say that the new owners have seriously stepped up the program by making outstanding "home" worthy food. Their Indian food is made fresh when you order it. Yes, FRESH! Their naan bread is thin and chewy and oh so yum yum good! It's about 1 hour from order to delivery and worth every minute of wait.
D vonb
I just recently found out about CPP. I work near by and it's convenient. You should try their wraps, they are very delicious.Zack and their team have great customer service. Keep up the good work!
Yana Larkin
Just moved into the neighbourhood, and was very pleasantly surprised to find out just how good this pizza parlour is! Their pizza is liberally covered in generous amounts of toppings, in delicious combinations, and they also have a great selection of indian curry dishes, and samosas. The samosas have a wonderful smoky flavour, and the naan bread with the curry is divine! The family who runs the place is super friendly, and everything is very fresh!
Ali Russell
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Yelp Reviews

Fricking love this place. The butter chicken/paneer is amazing. I used to order from them all the time when I was at SFU (though I never got a pizza, only ever the samosas and butter chicken) and was sad when I moved out of delivery range. Now that they deliver for lunch I can order to my office and make all my old SFU friends jealous. Can't recommend this place enough!!!
Erin G.
I have been using the "lunch-box" service since May 2014 and it's been a great experience so far. This place is ideal for students who go to SFU and who don't really have the time to cook. For a very reasonable price you get enough food which easily lasts 2 meals in a day, and Zakir, the owner of the restaurant is nice enough to deliver the food to your place everyday. The lunch-box service mainly consists of Indian curries and roti/naan and I must say that the food is always delicious. Most importantly, Zakir has excellent interpersonal skills and always has a smile on his face. By the way, this place has excellent samosas! I would highly recommend this place
Arun B.
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Best neighbourhood joint. Probably one of rare quality pizza joints that is not a franchise. I am not sure where they get their mozzarella but high quality and super cheesy. Generous portion of toppings and chicken wings are perfectly spiced...baked/fried to goodness.
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